Purchasing a property in Worcester might appear to be a simple task. You only need to check the documents of the property you are planning to purchase, confirm that the property is registered in the name of the seller, check if there are any outstanding utility bills, and if the municipal taxes are paid. Most individuals, at most, seek the help of a real estate agent to carry out these tasks for them, complete the paperwork required for transferring the property in their name, and go ahead with the purchase process. The sad reality is that none of them bother to think about the accounts related issues related with such a purchase. They realise the blunder they have made when they receive their income tax dues and view the heavy penalty they have to pay because their accounts statement were not in order. You can avoid such problems by seeking the help of a professional Accountants Worcester company, and allowing them to prepare your income tax statement as well as file it.

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The above mentioned factors also applies to individuals, property management agents, RMT (right to manage) companies, or residents management company planning to sell a property. Are you aware that the prevalent tax laws requires you to prepare service charge accounts in case you plan to sell properties that include five residential units or more? You might not know that this rule does not apply if you plan to sell properties that contain less than five units. In such a case, the onus of requesting service charge accounts lies on the tenants. For the uninitiated, the service charges is an amount that that has to be paid annually by either the landlord or tenant for the purpose of maintenance of the of the property and repair work carried out in communal areas. Most individuals hardly have any idea about what this charge covers and who has to pay for it. This is where professional accountants Worcester make their presence felt.

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Although Worcester boasts of many accountancy firms, none of them has the expertise that Ormerod Rutter Accountancy Services offer. Their years of experience in preparing service charge accounts related to the property sector. Their professional and knowledgeable property team has years of experience in offering service charge accounts for large complexes, medium size developments, as well as small size properties. Their professionals will go out of the way to explain all the factors related to accounts about service charges to you, while remaining compliant with the law. Why do you not get in touch with them and seek their help in preparing accounts related to your property? Established more than three decades ago, this accounting company that started with two individuals is nowadays the leading independent accountancy firm in the Worcester region. You can approach them for help irrespective of the size of your property. You can rest assured that with their help you need not worry about property related accounting.